How does Flypark work?

We make your trip go smoother. Read below to find out how we'll help you upon your departure.

Before departure

1. Book your parking online

Book your reservation well in advance.

Set the date and time for when your parking begins and when your return flight arrives.

Also set the size class of your vehicle, the number of passengers and other specifics.

Pay online (this way you'll save on parking). You'll receive a reservation confirmation via email.

Basic is an outdoor parking service. In addition to the Basic package, we also offer Comfort and Lux service packages and are the only company to do so. The Comfort package includes the parking service, car hand washing and handover from a warm garage. In addition to the above, in the Lux package your car will be stored in a warm and locked garage for the entirety of your reservation. We also offer car interior cleaning, external surface treatment, car maintenance and vehicle annual inspection service packages to the Comfort and Lux packages. When you are booking, choose the service package that suits you best!

2. Drive to Flypark airport parking

On our website you will find driving instructions and the map. The address is Pyhtäänkorventie 2, Vantaa. Always drive first to our Info, where you check in. Here your baggage and passengers will be transferred to be taken to the airport. The driver of a car with the Basic package will receive parking instructions from our staff. Basic+, Comfort and Lux package customers will leave their cars at Info area, and the staff parks the car.

Please arrive at the booked time!

3. We'll take you to the airport

We will transport you to the airport, right next to the terminal. The transfer with our bus takes about 4 minutes. Our drivers will give you the instructions for when you return from your trip. Check in at our Info desk and the transfer to the airport takes about 15-20 minutes.

4. Have a nice trip!

Flypark wishes you a successful trip. We'll take good care of your car during your trip!

On the day of arrival

1. Welcome back!

We hope that you had a nice trip! Your car is waiting for pick up in our parking area. In case your return flight arrives at a different time than indicated in your booking, send an SMS to +358401900910 well in advance with your name, new arrival time to Helsinki and the return flight number.

2. Send us an SMS

When your return flight has landed and you have fetched your baggage, OR when travelling with only hand baggage and are in the terminal, send an SMS to +358 50 902 3663 with your LAST NAME.

We will confirm the transfer and the waiting time. Move to the correct bus stop according the instructions you receive via SMS within the estimated waiting time. You will recognise our bus from the Flypark logo.

3. We'll pick you up

The bus will pick you up from the bus stop indicated in the SMS sent to you within the given waiting time.

We might also call you, so be ready to answer.

The bus will be waiting at the bus stop for a few minutes. If you miss the the transport, the next bus will arrive in about 10 minutes.

If the number of people is more than you have announced, be prepared that everyone doesn't fit in the same ride. The next bus will take the rest of your group.

4. Thank you for visiting!

The driver of a car with the Basic package will pick up their car from the parking area and drive to the Info area. All baggage will be picked up at the Info area. Comfort and Lux package customers' cars are waiting clean in front of Info area (or are driven out of the garage). Baggage and passengers enter their cars at Info area. Welcome again!